Tribe Profile
Tribe Type Ghost Tribe
Day Formed Day 4
Lowest Placing Member Naomi (20/20)
Highest Placing Member Augusto (2/20)

Yūrei was the ghost tribe on Survivor: Izu Islands, comprised of people voted off of Aogashima, Mikura-jima, Myōjin-shō, or Sōfu-iwa. After a contestant was voted out of the main game, they were sent to the Yūrei tribe to compete in separate immunity challenges and vote somebody out. When a player was voted out of Yūrei, they were out of the game for good.

Once there were eight people left in the main game, the remaining five castaways on Yūrei, Ash, Augusto, Gage, Jordan, and Stevie, were given a series of tasks in order to determine which four would return to the main game. Part One was a challenge, which Augusto won. Part Two was a vote between the other four, and Gage was unanimously voted back into the game. Part Three was Augusto's choice to return, and he choose Ash. Part Four was a vote from the contestants left in the main game of who they wanted back in the game, and Jordan was voted in by everyone except Liana. Stevie was then eliminated, and became the first member of the jury.



Augusto s2 smallGage s2 small
Kennedy s2 smallMadison s2 smallNaomi s2 small


Allison s2 smallAsh s2 smallAugusto s2 smallBilly s2 small
Darien s2 smallGage s2 smallJordan s2 smallKennedy s2 small
Madison s2 smallNaomi s2 smallStevie s2 smallTommy s2 small


Ash s2 smallAugusto s2 small
Gage s2 smallJordan s2 smallStevie s2 small