*Rankings are updated through Survivor: Islands of Adventure
After the merge, where there is only one existing tribe, the remaining contestants compete in individual challenges to seek possession of the Immunity Necklace, which guarantees safety at Tribal Council for its bearer. Unlike the tribal Immunity Idol, which gives exemption to its host, the incumbent wearer of the necklaces still must attend Tribal Council and cast a vote, but that player cannot be voted out. On some occasions, Individual Immunity has been played for during the pre-merge stages of the game (Usually this occurs during Double Tribal Councils).

Rank Castaway Season Wins
1 Carson 1702 Carson K. Sunda Islands 6
Tracey small Tracey Morris Barcelona 6
2 Jordan small s3 Jordan Pines Rakiura 5
Jordan p 1302 Jordan Pines Hoenn 5
Kait 1102 Kait McFuckening Mariana Trench 5
3 Dan 2202 Dan Disbrow Islands of Adventure 4
Gage s2 small Gage Izu Islands 4
Jordan P 802 Jordan Pines All Stars 4
Liana small s3 Liana Mills Rakiura 4
Liana 1102 Liana M. Mariana Trench 4
Ryan 2102 Ryan V. Unova 4
Scott small Scott Daydream Island 4
Steffen 1302 Steffen Reals Hoenn 4
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