Monty Peck
Contestant Profile
Hometown United States 640px-Flag-us
Seasons Competed 1
Total Number of Days 58
Hosting Profile

'Daydream Island'

Blog SurvivorDaydreamIsland
Tag SurvivingNightmares

'Izu Islands'

Blog SurvivorIzuIslands
Tag IzuReady


Blog SurvivorRakiura
Tag NewZealandNewGame


Blog SurvivorHawaii
Tag SurvivorsGetLeid


Blog SurvivorNiue
Tag ThisIsNewEh

'All Stars'

Blog SurvivorPacificIslandAllStars
Tag PIAllStars


Blog SurvivorMalibu
Tag IMeltForMalibu

'Mariana Trench'

Blog SurvivorMarianasTrench
Tag DeeperDarkerDanger

'Midway Atoll'

Blog SurvivorMidwayAtoll
Tag SurvivorWarzone
Player Profile

Survivor: Burma

Tribe(s) Okkan
► Shinbyu
► Paletwa
Placement 1/21 (Sole Survivor)
Alliance(s) TBA
Challenge(s) Won TBA
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 58

Monty is one of the original hosts, and co creators of the Pacific Islands series. He has hosted eight out of the eleven seasons, and has competed and won one of the others. He created the first twist of the Pacific Islands series, the immediate double Tribal Council in the very first season, and has been responsible for most of the outrageous twists the series is known for. He currently acts as series coordinator, and co wiki-runner, working with Steffen Reals, Billy Dickson, and Jordan Pines. He is currently retired from playing this series, partially to maintain his label of being never voted out, and partially to not get any more gray hair. If you have any questions about the series, contact him on his tumblr (MarcusLehman) or on Skype (awildmonty). He will respond, but probably not quickly.

Survivor: Burma

Voting History

Monty Peck's Voting History
Episode Monty Peck's
Voted Against
Monty Peck
1 Okkan Tribe Immune
2 Okkan Tribe Immune
3 Okkan Tribe Immune
4 Shinbyu Tribe Immune
5 Shinbyu Tribe Immune
6 Shinbyu Tribe Immune
7 No Vote
8 Andrew -
9 Paletwa Tribe Immune
10 Alex -
11 Samantha -
12 Sara -
13 Kendall -
14 Samantha;
Drew, Kendall;
Drew, Kendall
Chris Chris
Jury Votes
for Monty Peck
Billy, Rhone, Sara, Taj
Sole Survivor, Day 58


  • Monty was the first winner to never attend Tribal Council with immunity.
    • He did win Individual Immunity, but due to Lauren quitting the game, he did not attend Tribal Council.
    • Jose Espinosa also never attended Tribal Council with immunity when he won Survivor: Kanto.
  • Monty and Jose Espinosa share many similarities in the games they won.
    • They both won on their first try, and a returning player came in second.
    • They both never attended tribal council with Individual Immunity.
    • They both started on a blue tribe.
    • They both received four votes to win.
Preceded by
Liana Mills
Sole Survivor Titleholder
Survivor: Burma
Succeeded by
Amanda Lynn
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