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Player of the Season is a title awarded by the host(s) of each season to a player who did not win, but still played a very good game.

Season Winner Reason
Survivor: Daydream Island Jordan small s1.jpg Jordan Pines Jordan was awarded PotS for playing hard his entire time in the game. He found several idols and was part of a very successful duo. Had it not been for a final two, he would have had a good chance at winning the game.
Survivor: Izu Islands Liana s2 small.jpg Liana Mills Liana was awarded PotS for her season long improvement. Throughout the season, she developed her skills as a player. She won important immunity challenges, and was a crucial number in many of the key votes. She came one challenge away from winning the game.
Survivor: Rakiura Rhea small s3.jpg Rhea Guiuliana Rhea was awarded PotS for positioning herself between two pairs during the merge to keep the target off of herself. She successfully played an under the radar game, and submitted frequent and insightful confessionals, making her a major narrator of the second half of the game.
Survivor: Burma Sam2.png Samantha Samantha was awarded PotS for voting with the majority at every tribal council she attended and being a huge strategic threat for the entire game. She held three idols at one time, and was a part of two successful idol plays.
Survivor: Hawaii Allison 502.jpg Allison Allison was awarded PotS for controlling the entire game, and keeping most people she voted out still rooting for her. She found an idol the first day of the game and used it to control her premerge tribe. During the merge, she had a solid alliance, yet played both sides of the game. She also outsmarted the Opal Idol, an idol designed to be give the player 100% control over the vote, to save her closest allies. She was one challenge away from being a huge threat to win the game.
Survivor: Kanto Billy 602.jpg Billy Dickson Billy was awarded PotS for remaining in power he entire game. He controlled the majority alliance at and before merge. He had possession of two idols as well as were in possession (and used two) three Legendary Pokémon. He strategically eliminated his personal threats and was able to dodge the blame for the allies that he voted out from his alliance. He came up one challenge short from winning the game.
Survivor: Niue Sam 702.jpg Samantha Bosse Samantha was awarded PotS for being in power and having control the entire game. She voted in the majority every tribal council she attended, made it to the end of the game with no votes cast against her. She found an idol very early in the game and kept it a secret until when she played it, even though she still didn't need it.
Survivor: All Stars Drew 802.jpg Drew Drew only voted in the minority three votes, and one of them was a tie. He managed to make it through 28 people and 11 tribal councils without receiving a vote against him. He fought hard in the Firemaking challenge, forcing the challenge to go over 2 and a half hours. Had he won that challenge, he most likely would have won the season after making few to no enemies throughout the game.
Survivor: Malibu Nicholas 902.jpg Nicholas V. Nicholas was awarded Player of the Season for making few to no enemies throughout the game. Premerge, he stayed on good terms with the people sent to the Resort for when they became important to his game again. He continued to make more friends than enemies during the merge and came one vote away from winning the game.
Survivor: Johto Jordan m 1002.png Jordan Means Jordan was awarded Player of the Season for his underdog gameplay. He received no special powers and relied on a stellar social game to carry him through each vote, even when he was targeted and his allies flipped on him. He went on to be the last villain standing and was the last person voted out before FTC.
Survivor: Mariana Trench Lily 1102.png Lily Douma Lily was awarded Player of the Season showing her strategic side. She gathered early numbers of bigger targets and was always in control of her alliance and premerge tribe. Her connections kept her safe through the early merge. She was at the center of conversations, always having the inside information on special powers in play. In the end, she fell victim to a random tribal; a situation completely out of her control.
Survivor: Midway Atoll Ricky 1202.jpg Ricky G. Ricky was awarded Player of the Season for his challenge strength premerge, and his strategic game post merge. He only attended one tribal council before the merge. During the merge, he used his incredible social and strategic games to forward his agenda and set himself up for power several votes down the line. Had it not been for the Rose Quartz Idol, he was set up to have a good shot at winning.
Survivor: Hoenn Seamus 1302.jpg Seamus Ryan Seamus was awarded Player of the Season for his game long dominance. He started in a good position on his starting tribe, and gained trust throughout the premerge. During the merge, despite constantly being a target, he controlled nearly every vote. He came two immunities short of having a strong chance at winning the game.
Survivor: Maré Island Orion 1402.jpg Orion Möller Orion was awarded Player of the Season for his grip on the game all season. He developed a majority alliance premerge, and decided who went home every round during his tribe's losing streak. He used the double tribal twist to take out a huge player in the opposing alliance and blow up the game. He came one immunity away from winning the game with no votes against him.
Survivor: Motunui Ricky 1502.jpg Ricky G. Ricky was awarded Player of the Season for his perseverance throughout the game. He survived the decimation of the Te Kā tribe. Even when idoled out, he won his way back from Lalotai. He managed to reintegrate himself with the players who orchestrated his first vote into a dominant alliance. He was eliminated by a Ruby Idol rock draw and had he not, he would have had a dominant place in the majority alliance with many friends on the jury and a strong story to win.
Survivor: Sinnoh Lily s16 icon.png Lily Owen Like Jordan, Lily only went to one tribal pre-merge. However once merge hit, she was in probably the most powerful position other than Drew. She slayed the challenges, was on everyone’s good side, and was consistently calling the shots on who to target. One wrong move at final six ended her game, but she was definitely the jury favorite, the player’s favorite, and if I paid attention to the VL, probably the fan favorite as well.
Survivor: Sunda Islands Bodhi 1702.jpg Bodhi Salmon Bodhi was awarded Player of the Season for being the only person aside from the winner to put forth a substantial amount of effort into the game.
Survivor: Open Ocean Andrew 1802.jpg Andrew Gentile Andrew was awarded Player of the Season for playing a cutthroat game in a majority alliance. He was part of the major trio that controlled the premerge of the game, and when one of those allies was eliminated, he had a significant part in creating a majority alliance in the merge. When he was voted out, one of his allies turned on him for being a very dominant, cutthroat player in a season where those were praised.
Survivor: Barcelona Chelsea small.png Chelsea Francis Chelsea was awarded Player of the Season for her social, physical, and strategic game. She won five immunities (two regular and three exile), found three hidden immunity idols, and only received one vote throughout the entire game. Her social connections kept even her enemies in her good graces, her immunity wins kept her safe through most of the votes, and her idols kept her safe when she wasn't able to win. She came a few moves away from winning the game.

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