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Billy Dickson
Contestant Profile
Hometown New Jersey, United States 640px-Flag-us.png
Seasons Competed TBA
Total Number of Days 591
Hosting Profile


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'Islands of Adventure'

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Player Profile

Survivor: Daydream Island

Tribe(s) Alawa
► Jagara
Placement 17/20
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 12

Survivor: Izu Islands

Tribe(s) Mikura-jima
► Sōfu-iwa
► Aogashima
Placement 15/20
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 30

Survivor: Rakiura

Tribe(s) Waewae
► Puku
Follas Enfermas
Placement 5/28
Challenge(s) Won 9
Vote(s) Against 10
Day(s) Lasted 61

Survivor: Burma

Tribe(s) Bago
► Paletwa
Placement 7/21
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 40

Survivor: Hawaii

Tribe(s) Maui
Placement 20/28
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 21

Survivor: Kanto

Tribe(s) Mizu
Placement 3/21 (Player of the Season)
Challenge(s) Won 8
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 44

Survivor: All Stars

Tribe(s) Hoku
► Whetu
► Hoshi
Placement 19/32
Challenge(s) Won TBA
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 20

Survivor: Johto

Tribe(s) Hīrōzu
Placement 2/20 (Runner-Up)
Alliance(s) TBA
Challenge(s) Won TBA
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 48

Survivor: Mariana Trench

Tribe(s) Makahna
► Tasi
► Butera
Placement 8/30
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 28

Survivor: Midway Atoll

Tribe(s) Okinawa
► Astoria
Placement 2/20 (Runner-Up)
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 42

Survivor: Hoenn

Tribe(s) Kaiyō
Placement 19/22
Vote(s) Against 9
Day(s) Lasted 10

Survivor: Motunui

Tribe(s) Te Kā
► Te Fiti
Placement 7/24
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 50

Survivor: Sinnoh

Tribe(s) Pāru
► Hōseki
► Oración
Placement 8/24
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 45

Survivor: Midway Atoll

Tribe(s) Sulawesi
► Sumatra
Placement 7/23
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 36

Survivor: Open Ocean

Tribe(s) Bahari
Placement 10/20
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 30

Survivor: Bedarra Island

Tribe(s) Tuvipora
► Porites
Placement 6/20
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 34

Survivor: Unova

Tribe(s) Manhattan
Placement 6/16
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 40

Survivor: Super Smash Brothers

Tribe(s) Saffron
► Egg Island
Placement TBA/18
Vote(s) Against TBA
Day(s) Lasted TBA

Contestant Information[]

Billy Dickson is a contestant on Survivor: Daydream Island, Survivor: Izu Islands, Survivor: Rakiura, Survivor: Burma, Survivor: Hawaii, Survivor: Kanto, Survivor: All Stars, Survivor: Johto, Survivor: Mariana Trench, Survivor: Midway AtollSurvivor: Hoenn, Survivor: Motunui, Survivor: Sinnoh, Survivor: Sunda Islands and Survivor: Open Ocean. He hosted Survivor: Malibu and Survivor: Barcelona, is the Player of the Season for Kanto, and he holds the record for playing the most seasons out of any returning player. Due to a winning a lawsuit filed against Regan and the hosting and production team of Daydream Island, an agreement between him and producers of the series was settled upon, allowing him to either be a contestant, or be involved in every season that takes place in the series. The only seasons Billy has not played in were Survivor: Niue, but he was asked to be a guest, as that season had no returning players, and Malibu because he hosted that season. He returned for All Stars, representing every season except Niue. After Malibu he played as a hero in Johto, and played with Sara Owen in Midway Atoll. He represented Rakiura in Motunui. He played under the alias Jonathan Sheppard in Survivor: Maré Island.

Survivor: Unova[]

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Trixie -
Manhattan Tribe Immune
2 Manhattan Tribe Immune
3 Manhattan Tribe Immune
4 Shea Alex, George, Mark, Shea
5 Alex Individual Immunity
6 George -
7 Alex -
8 George -
9 George Alex, George, Mark, Ryan
10 Alex -
11 Alex Individual Immunity
12 Alex Johnny, Mark, Ryan
Voted Off, Day 40
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Bedarra Island[]

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Tuvipora Tribe Immune
2 Isaiah -
3 Ali -
4 August -
5 Tuvipora Tribe Immune
6 Tuvipora Tribe Immune
7 Julian;
8 Andrew;
9 Andrew Individual Immunity
10 Waleed Individual Immunity
11 Exiled
Jay -
12 Carson Carson, Chrissa
13 Chrissa Chrissa, Jay, Nehemiah
Voted Off, Day 34
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Open Ocean[]

Open Ocean relaunched the Pacific Islands brand with another All Star season. Billy was invited to participate in the inaugural season, where he chose to play on the Barhari tribe.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Van Individual Immunity
2 Jenna -
3 Bahari Tribe Immune
4 Immune From Warzone
5 Immune From Warzone
6 Bodhi;
7 Jordan Individual Immunity
8 Sara -
9 Elimination Challenge
10 Eric -
11 Eric Eric, Ned
Individual Immunity
12 Regan Karen, Ned,
Regan, Samantha
Voted Off, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Sunda Islands[]

This season every player who applied was cast, Billy was among the 23 players who applied for the season. In what became known as the "worst season in the series history", Billy actively gave up, and was carried to final seven where he was let go. He elected to leave the jury instead of stay.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Tyler -
2 - -
3 No Vote
4 No Vote
5 No Vote
6 Aundra;
7 No Vote
8 - -
9 Sumatra Tribe Immune
10 Sumatra Tribe Immune
11 Sumatra Tribe Immune
12 Sumatra Tribe Immune
13 Mitch -
14 Mitch Carson, Mitch
Voted Off, Day 36

Survivor: Sinnoh[]

Billy was cast as one of the players on the Paru tribe in the beginning of the game on Sinnoh. He found himself in a powerful majority alliance, but again found himself betrayed by allies late in the game. He eventually voted for Jordan to win.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Matt Matt; TBA;
2 TBA -
3 TBA -
4 Aqua -
5 Brandon -
6 Chrissa -
7 Tribal Cancelled
Will -
8 Hoseki Tribe Immune
9 Hoseki Tribe Immune
12 TBA -
13 TBA -
Voted Off, Day 45
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Motunui[]

Billy was cast alongside Karen and Stevie to represent Rakiura in Battle of the Seasons. This season found the most epic battle between Pacific Islands regulars. Billy aligned himself with his usual group and they began picking off threat after threat. He chose to send his tribe to tribal council to eliminate Steffen from the game, who was not allowed to vote that round, and pinned the tribal on Steffen, which began a blow up that set the tone for the second half of the season. After a successful plan to target and eliminate Ricky was leaked by Lily O. Billy found himself in hot water, and a threat among Ricky and his group of friends. After working side by side to make it to the end, Billy lost his allies round after round until he eventually was voted off after being betrayed by Jenny and Darien.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Te Kā Tribe Immune
2 Te Kā Tribe Immune
3 Te Kā Tribe Immune
4 Te Fiti Tribe Immune
5 Te Fiti Tribe Immune
6 Te Fiti Tribe Immune
7 Te Fiti Tribe Immune
8 Te Fiti Tribe Immune
9 Te Fiti Tribe Immune
Steffen -
10 Brian -
11 David -
12 Lily O. -
13 Amanda -
14 Dan -
15 Team Maui Immune
Dan -
16 Mitch -
17 Lily O. -
18 Jay Jay, Darien,
Jenny, Mitch, Stevie
Voted Off, Day 50
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Maré Island[]

Billy played under the alias Jonathan Sheppard for this season. He finished in 6th place.

Voting History[]

See Jonathan Sheppard

Survivor: Hoenn[]

Billy was cast last minute for Hoenn, and after the loss of Midway Atoll along with his game play in the last two Pokemon game, Billy was voted out third placing 19th on day 10.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Shea -
2 Kaiyo Tribe Immune
3 Carson Carson, Duncan, Jay,
Jordan M., Matt, Lily,
Logan, Seamus, Shea
Voted Off, Day 10

Survivor: Midway Atoll[]

Billy returned for Midway Atoll while on the Jury for Mariana's Trench. Along with his duo, Sara, he represented Burma in the season's All Star twist. He became the first player ever to make it to merge without attending a single tribal council. In the end Billy lost to Ash by a vote of 4-3-1, with Andrew becoming the 2nd Runner-Up.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 No Vote
2 Immune from Warzone
3 Immune from Warzone
4 Immune from Warzone
5 Immune from Warzone
6 Immune from Warzone
7 Okinawa Tribe Immune
8 Carson -
9 Allison -
10 Sara -
11 Jordan -
12 Karen Karen
13 Individual Immunity
14 Isaac Issac
Shea Shea
Jury Votes for
Billy Dickson
Allison, Isaac, Sara
Runner-Up, Day 42

Survivor: Mariana Trench[]

Last minute casting struggles threw Billy into yet another season. Because of personal life things going on around him, and the struggle of balancing the still on-going Johto game, Billy became a background player. Forming an alliance with Jenn, Kait and Gabby, Billy sat back as he let everyone else play around him. Knowingly making himself a goat, he played the game with no real strategy, trying to make his random allies join forces. After Emma quit the game, and Liana was voted out, Jenn asked to be voted out in order to spare Billy and Kait. After merge, Gabby was quickly targeted and fell victim to a double tribal. Not long after, Billy was eliminated by Samantha G., someone who he considered an ally, by the first ever play of the Diamond Idol, which made only her vote count. He was the 20th person voted out on day 28. He voted for Kait to be the winner. He named the merge tribe... which is pretty cool.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 No Vote
2 Julia Individual Immunity
3 No Vote
4 Darian -
5 No Vote
6 Seamus -
7 Johnny -
8 Rhea -
9 Lucas;
10 Gabriel -
11 Lucas Samantha
Voted Off, Day 28
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Johto[]

Fresh off hosting his first season, Billy was cast as a hero in Johto. Arriving on a tribe made of players who wanted to work with him, Billy found comfort in knowing he had almost nothing to worry about when it came to tribal council. After quickly finding one of the "legendary Pokemon" advantages again, and guessing correctly for a hidden immunity idol, Billy made it to merge with the safety of allies and of advantages. Not long after the merge tribe was formed, Billy found the second-stage hidden immunity idol as well. When Isaac and Karen came to Billy for an alliance, he moved forward in the game with almost every player by his side. Watching the weaker threats get picked off, the alliance of Brian, Billy and Drew advanced in the game. After sending a bitter juror to jury each round, the three of them were criticized for their poor game play and bad jury management. In the end, the final vote tied between Billy and Drew. But it was Duncan's vote for Brian being recast as a vote for Drew that crowned Drew the winner and gave Billy his 8th loss. He received the votes of Kendall, Jordan, Karen and Isaac, all of whom were villains.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Hīrōzu Tribe Immune
2 Hīrōzu Tribe Immune
3 Brandon -
4 Chrissa -
5 Jacob -
6 No Vote
Hīrōzu Tribe Immune
7 Hīrōzu Tribe Immune
8 Hīrōzu Tribe Immune
9 Ash -
10 Jay Jay
11 Duncan;
12 Jordan P. Individual Immunity
13 Jordan M. Individual Immunity
14 Jordan M. -
15 Duncan Jordan M.
Jordan M. -
Jury Votes for
Billy Dickson
Kendall, Jordan P.,
Karen, Isaac
Runner-Up, Day 48

Survivor: All Stars[]

After taking a season off, Billy returned for the All Stars season. Staying relatively safe for most of the game, Billy found a strong ally in Andrew and formed an alliance with Andrew, Samantha B and Steffen. While on other tribes he had alliances with Ash and Gage, Billy was swapped onto a tribe with Steffen and Andrew, where he gave Andrew a hidden immunity idol hours before he was slated to be voted off. After the next swap, Mitch hand picked a tribe to eliminate Billy from the game. Throwing the challenge and convincing the catfish Charlotte that Billy was voting her off, the tribe voted for Billy to be eliminated from the game on day 20 in 22nd place.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Hōkū Tribe Immune
2 Lily -
3 Hōkū Tribe Immune
4 Whetu Tribe Immune
5 Rhea -
6 Gabriel -
7 Whetu Tribe Immune
8 Andrew -
9 Van Charlotte, Mitch, Van
Voted Off, Day 20

Survivor: Kanto[]

The first Pokemon game in the series, Billy was sorted onto the Mizu tribe and sat back as he stayed immune and earned in-game currency. After the swap, Billy took out weaker players with his strong alliance of Drew, Liana and Jose. Realizing they had friends on the other tribe, Liana and Billy cut Drew in favor of carrying Jose, a weak-perceived player, to merge with them to have numbers against Jordan Pines and his allies. On Shibochu, a strong power alliance of Andrew, Billy, Jose, Liana and Steffen emerged and took out threat after threat while Jordan won immunity. After a heated argument that caused Jordan to quit the game, Liana gave up and was shortly after eliminated form the game. Believing he had the game in the bag, and after finding a pre-merge and the post merge idol, and having three of the four "legendary pokemon" advantages, Billy struck a final two deal with Steffen, as they were close friends in and outside of the game. Billy and Steffen made final three with Jose, and Steffen convinced Billy to throw final immunity to him. After 44 days, Steffen betrayed Billy and voted him out one round before final tribal council in what has been dubbed the most controversial tribal council in Pacific Islands history. Billy placed 3rd and voted for eventual winner Jose to win.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Mizu Tribe Immune
2 Mizu Tribe Immune
3 At Game Corner
4 Mizu Tribe Immune
5 Mizu Tribe Immune
6 Mizu Tribe Immune
7 Brandon -
8 Randomized Randomized
9 Drew -
10 Mizu Tribe Immune
11 Renee Individual Immunity
12 Ben -
13 Sara -
14 No Vote
Liana -
15 Drew -
16 Andrew Individual Immunity
- Steffen
Voted Off, Day 44
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Hawaii[]

Billy started the game on the pink tribe, Maui. Placed on the tribe for having "nice" character traits, Amanda, Ash, Billy and Brandon proved to be a strong tribe, not attending tribal council until day 16. After making a final two pact with Amanda, Billy voted out his closest ally Ash in belief that Amanda would further his game. After figuring out Billy had found the hidden immunity idol, and figuing out Billy could save himself in a fire making challenge with it, Amanda and Brandon voted Billy out on day 21.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Maui Tribe Immune
2 Maui Tribe Immune
3 Maui Tribe Immune
4 Maui Tribe Immune
5 Ash -
6 Maui Tribe Immune
7 Brandon Amanda, Brandon
Voted Off, Day 21

Survivor: Burma[]

Burma was the first Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty season in Pacific Islands history. The twist brought one male and one female returnee onto each of the three tribes. Billy was brought onto Bago, the beauty tribe, with Sara as returnees. The tribe was quickly shown to be the weakest in challenges, losing the first three immunity challenges, and having two players quit in the first nine days of the game. After Billy and Sara were the only two original Bago members left, the game swapped tribes. Sara and Billy were separated, but Billy found his first hidden immunity idol and used it to save himself on day 15. Proving to be a stronger player this time than his past has shown, Billy formed an alliance with Sara, Monty, Rhone, Chris and Samantha. After merging, and seemingly being off the map, Sara and Billy were eliminated back to back in 8th and 7th place, respectively. He lasted 40 days and voted for Monty to win.

Billy and Sara returned for Midway Atoll as a dynamic duo, placing 9th (Sara) and 2nd (Billy).

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Jevvon Jevvon, Ashen
2 Ashen -
No Vote
3 No Vote
Nathan -
4 Bago Tribe Immune
5 Punpun Andrew, Kendall, Punpun
6 Bago Tribe Immune
7 No Vote
8 Andrew -
9 Paletwa Tribe Immune
10 Alex -
11 Sam -
12 Rhea Rhea
13 Kendall Drew, Kendall,
Rhea, Sam
Voted Off, Day 40
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Rakiura[]

Billy applied for Rakiura and completely forgot that he had applied. When the game started he had more time on his hands for strategy and social games and found himself next to Jordan who was, unknown to him, the only other player who had played every season at the time. They struck a short lived alliance which was broken on Day 17 when Jordan targeted Billy. Chris, Rhea and Stevie worked with Billy to save him, and this brought Billy into the game for real. After making it through the pre-merge for the first time in the series, Billy quickly watched all of his allies in the weaker side of the tribe get voted off one after another while he just sat and became a weaker player. In the final 5 of the game, Billy received the Merry Go Round idol and gave it to the only ally he had left in the game, Chris, as the original intended target was Chris. At Tribal Council, Chris told Liana and Rhea about the idol, and they voted for him to be eliminated instead. He lasted 61 days and voted for Liana to win the season.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Waewae Tribe Immune
2 Brandon Individual Immunity
3 Puku Tribe Immune
4 Randy -
5 Puku Tribe Immune
6 Jason Jason, Jordan, Karen
7 Puku Tribe Immune
8 Puku Tribe Immune
9 Puku Tribe Immune
10 Puku Tribe Immune
11 Lexi -
12 Jordan -
13 Puku Tribe Immune
14 Sara -
15 Lexi -
16 Jordan -
17 Jordan Liana
18 Stevie;
Stevie, Rhea;
19 Stevie Stevie, Chris
20 Chris Liana, Rhea
Voted Off, Day 61
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Izu Islands[]

Billy returned in Izu as one of the players who Monty felt like needed redemption after Daydream. Believing he had been screwed over by a tribe swap, Billy's second chance began. With not much time, no real strategy and a terrible social game and competition scores, Billy became an early target. After purposely throwing challenges and asking to be eliminated, Billy watched the stronger competitors around him fall one after another in favor of taking a weaker player to merge. Billy was eliminated on Day 27 after an all female alliance formed and voted him out. On Yurei, Billy found a group of players angry their game was cut short in favor of his and was the next person eliminated, just one tribal away from the Onryo challenge. He finished in 15th place, even though he was eliminated form the main game when only 10 people remained.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Kennedy -
2 Mikura-jima Tribe Immune
3 Mikura-jima Tribe Immune
4 Augusto Augusto
5 Sōfu-iwa Tribe Immune
6 Sōfu-iwa Tribe Immune
7 Ash Ash, Darien
8 Katie -
9 Katie Jenny, Karen,
Katie, Sara
Voted Off, Day 27
9 Augusto Ash, Augusto,
Darien, Gage
Voted Off, Day 30

Survivor: Daydream Island[]

Billy was one of the cast members of Daydream Island. He was voted out at the fourth tribal council in 17th place.

Voting History[]

Billy Dickson's Voting History
Episode Billy Dickson's
Voted Against
Billy Dickson
1 Daniel -
2 David -
3 Andrei Andrei, Katie,
Lindsay, Rhea
Voted Off, Day 12


  • Billy holds the days played record, at over 400 days played in the series.
    • However, because seasons overlap, the days will add up to less than that, for if Billy played more than one season at a time, his days played would go up two days played for every one day.
  • Billy has played the most seasons out of any other player in the series, only missing Niue and Malibu.
  • Billy has been voted out more times than any other player in the series:
    • Once in Daydream
    • Twice in Izu Islands
    • Once in Rakiura
    • Once in Burma
    • Once in Hawaii
    • Once in Kanto
    • Once in All Stars
    • Once in Mariana Trench
    • Once in Hoenn
    • Once in Motunui
    • Once in Sinnoh
    • Once In Sunda
  • Billy, along with Isaac Karen, and Sara O. are the only players to have played every All-Stars season.
  • Billy was the first person to play 10 seasons, having only missed Niue and Malibu.
  • Billy was the first player to be first runner up more than once.