Alex Crooks
Alex 2101
Contestant Profile
Seasons Competed 2
Total Number of Days 52+TBA

Survivor: Unova

Tribe(s) Manhattan
Placement 1/16 (Sole Survivor)
Vote(s) Against 13
Day(s) Lasted 52

Alex Crooks was on Survivor: Sinnoh, and it's the job of those hosts to finish this page.

Survivor: UnovaEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Alex Crooks's Voting History
Episode Alex Crooks's
Voted Against
Alex Crooks
1 Trixie -
Manhattan Tribe Immune
2 Manhattan Tribe Immune
3 Manhattan Tribe Immune
4 Billy -
5 Alex Billy, George, Mark, Sara
Voted Off, Day 20
6 At World Tournament
Returned, Day 21
6 Chelsea Individual Immunity
7 Johnny Billy
8 Lily -
9 Billy -
10 Sara Billy, Sara
11 Ryan Billy, Mark, Patrick, Ryan
Voted Off, Day 35
12 Challenged Lily
Returned, Day 38
12 Ryan -
13 Self-Vote Alex
14 Patrick Ryan
- -
Jury Votes for
Alex Crooks
Billy, Chelsea, Johnny,
Lily, Mark, Patrick, Sara
Sole Survivor, Day 52
Preceded by
Jay O.
Sole Survivor Titleholder
Unova logo
Survivor: Unova
Succeeded by
Dan Disbrow,
Patrick Sidebotham
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